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Culture Moves Quick

Understand what’s coming, why it matters,
and what it means for you

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Culture Moves Quick

Understand what’s coming, why it matters, and what it means for you


Today, culture changes fast. Hashtags trend. Movements take hold. Tweets become touchstones overnight. In this brave new world, organizations and decision-makers are stuck relying on the same old tools. Enter Gauge.

At Gauge, we believe that decision-makers with direct access to the wisdom of cultural thinkers, leaders and shapers make better decisions –– the kind that drive results, great content, equity, and brand devotion.

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Gauge is a software platform that connects brands, organizations, and decision makers navigating our fast-changing culture with the diverse cultural-leaders charting its future. The result? Outstanding, affirming, forward-looking, progress-driving work.

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Cultural Corner

NXTLAB by Gauge is the first-ever enterprise-level cultural navigator. AI-powered but people-centered, understand what’s coming, why it matters, and how to engage in a way that affirms, energizes, and opens hearts, minds and opportunities.
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Proctor and Gamble
The CW
A + E
NBC Universal
CVS Health
“The speed at which cultural conversations are taking place is breathtaking and the breadth of those conversations are really expanding. It’s helpful for us to have a pulse on something that’s broader than what we had in the past.”

Deborah Yeh
Chief Marketing Officer, Sephora

“These conversations are so nuanced and our goal is to bring people together… We want to be more effective in drawing people into the discussion rather than just driving people back into their corners.”

Damon Jones
Chief Communications Office, P&G

"If your job requires you to get ahead of culture, you need NXTLAB. They have a unique ability to dive into the world of what's now and what's next to help your brand show up prepared and ready"

Darius Hicks

"Unlike anything else in the industry."

Lauryl Schraedly
Global Head of Consumer Insights, Snapchat