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Companies like Procter & Gamble, Sephora and Snap are seeking help to stay ahead of cultural moments and avoid embarrassing gaffes.

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Behind the Numbers

Behind the Numbers:
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Brand Anatomy
How Sephora’s DEI Campaigns Succeed
Through Cultural Insights and
Close Ties to the Brand’s Core

Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg Radio: Joshua DuBois, CEO of Gauge, discusses voting rights

Bloomberg Voting Rights

Gauge Works With Large U.S. Corporations to Help Perfect Their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies and Efforts

A Year After George Floyd's Death, Brand DEI Commitments Are Due. Give your employees grace and space to grieve.
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Gauge CEO Joshua DuBois discusses the Chauvin verdict and talks about how Gauge is leading the way with companies navigating through this time.
Watch from 30:50 mark to ~38:00.

Bloomberg Interview

Joshua Dubois, CEO of Gauge and former faith advisor to President Obama, discussed how business leaders can practice inclusivity and embrace cultural diversity.


Gauge CEO Joshua DuBois on Vaccines, Social Justice & the Role of Major Brands
Watch from 40:00 mark to ~46:40.

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Washington Informer

Our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Brandon Andrews talks all things entrepreneurship, including growing the community of Black Entrepreneurs, in the latest piece from The Washington Informer. 


Gauge co-founder Joshua DuBois joins the conversation about how Gauge is connecting community leaders and brands on their racial justice initiatives.

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