Using AI, we curate the most strategic and influential consumers on our mobile app. You can test questions and content with them, before you launch a new campaign. Gauge helps you make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and activate some of the most strategic and influential people in the marketplace.

Why Gauge?


Most Relevant Consumers: GAUGE uses AI and strong relationships to curate the most strategic and influential consumers in specific market segments. Traditional market research reaches the average consumer, but GAUGE reaches consumer with specific expertise and influence.


Mobile Platform: consumers respond to rich, dynamic surveys on a mobile app, eliminating groupthink and improving clarity and insight.


Actionable InsightIn a matter of hours, GAUGE bottom-lines it for clients, distilling feedback into actionable recommendations.


Get Smarter & Go DeeperWatch video messages, listen to audio messages, and read text message feedback from the most relevant consumers. Go deeper with consumers through follow-up video chats. And get smarter over time, using AI to target specific consumers based on their unique insight.


Market ActivationWhen consumers respond positively to questions, activate them in the market through user-generated content and social sharing. It's a great way to make influencer marketing campaigns richer and more impactful.

How Gauge Works

We recruit the most strategic and influential people in key markets and demographics to our platform. We are building out African American and Women influencers first, and then men, Latino, LGBT, tech, apparel, faith, moms, dads and more.

Our clients have something to test – for example, video content or trailers, print ads, strategic questions, designs, and more.

We push confidential, dynamic surveys to experts and influencers on our app to test and validate content and concepts. For example, an advertisement is rated with text and emojis; or a strategic question receives a video response.

We receive real-time text, video, audio and other responses and produce reports with recommendations for clients.

After the survey, companies can ask our influencer and experts to share content on social media if they choose, right on the mobile app.

GAUGE members receive compensation for sharing their wisdom.


We help companies build relationships with GAUGE members over time. We also use machine learning to determine which users are most predictive of success in a particular marketplace.



Who's On GAUGE?

GAUGE members include some of the most strategic and influential leaders in key demographics and psychographics, people like:


April Reign

Founder, #OscarsSoWhite

Heather Armstrong

#1 mom blogger, 1M+ Followers

Jamilah Lemieux

Top 10 Black Twitter tastemaker

Nicole Feliciano

Founder, MomTrends

DeRay McKesson

1M+ Followers

Dy Brown

Executive Director, Jack & Jill

and many more...


Who's Using GAUGE?


and more...

Make Better Decisions. Avoid Costly Mistakes.